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I wanted to share important facts about agency that a surprising number of buyers don't know, and really, why should they? But it is incredibly important stuff, so please, pay attention!

Everyone understands that real estate professionals work on a commission basis, right? But in my 20 years of practice, I've seen that most buyers don't really know who pays what and, more importantly, who works for whom!

The biggest single mistake a buyer can make is communicating with the listing agent. Why? Because the listing agent is directly employed by the homeowner, and by law and codes of ethics, that agent owes their highest fiduciary responsibility to that homeowner. Period!

Protect yourself and get personal representation by a buyer's agent because, on the flip side, the agent you hire will owe their highest fiduciary responsibility to you.

So whether it's me or another agent (interview at least three,) find an agent you you are comfortable with and can trust. Preferably before you start shopping. Sure, everything is online, but a good agent can make it much easier and supply you with alerts so you know as soon as, or before, a home hits the market. You should also get market updates for the areas you are interested in, so you are in touch with the most up-to-date info you can get.

Most importantly, your agent will negotiate for you. It makes a big difference. Personally, I bring thousands of successfully negotiated transactions to every deal, and consistent communication with my clients has always been my strength. My clients never have to say, "Where's Larry? We haven't heard from him, what's going on!" It's true; read my 5 Star reviews.

Lastly, the seller pays all commissions, so technically, you get separate representation for free! What a deal.

Bottom Line

Get separate representation. Give me the opportunity to make a difference for you, and allow me to be one of the three agents you interview. You will be happy you did.

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