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Why choose Larry to represent you in your purchase?

A word about what I bring to the table in a minute, but first let me share with you that Buyers should ALWAYS have separate representation!  Let me explain... By law and ethical standards, agents listing a home have the first and deepest responsibility to the client that hired them, the Home Seller. The Seller employs and agrees to pay the broker to list and sell their home. The same fiduciary responsibility to Buyers is not the listing agent's  legal obligation.  That's not to say that most agents, regardless of employment, don't work  with the highest ethics, I believe they do.  Additionally, as a Buyer, fees are not your responsibility.  All fees are paid by the Seller.  That's great news!  You, the Buyer has the opportunity to hire a great agent to represent YOUR specific interests, goals and desires, at no cost to you!  

Now for the fun part!  Why Larry??  Easy. Ask yourself what you want the most, and read my reviews.  You can see some here, just click on "Testimonials" or see them on Zillow and My relationship with my clients is first and foremost, and my skill as a negotiator  are second to none.  These are the cornerstones I believe in, because as a Buyer,  Seller and Investor, they are the traits I personally value most.  

​Let me elaborate with a little deal flow and what I bring:


  • The easy part is finding a home that speaks to you. I don't sell houses, I show houses. A list of homes to show is generated based on the client's desires, or more often today, the list is generated by the client, which is fantastic.

  • Now you tap me in for the hard part (well, to me, the truly fun part!), the art of the deal. My job is advice and suggestions based on my client's goals and desires, and market data.  With that in mind, I prepare the initial offer.  Once this process is started,  the need for COMPLETE and CONSISTENT COMMUNICATION is everything . You want your agent to tell you what's going to happen, update you regularly (before you ask!), give you qualified advice based on  years of  experience and personal success and a lifetime of investing in Real Estate. In negotiations, your agent must be able to predict and control the flow of the deal to maximize  the outcome. The purchase is not just price. Price is a huge factor everyone has in the front of their minds, but a professional keeps the entire transaction in mind, knowing that the loan, appraisal, inspection, etc are always points of negotiation and all can have a substantial material effect on  achieving a positive outcome for the client, and potentially kill the deal.  To me "The Deal" embodies my client's desires, hopes and dreams.  Because , after all, buying a home is a big deal. It is often the dream to move up, the desire to downsize, or the hopes of my first time Buyers.  Yeah, it's a big deal. Each and every time.

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