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Why choose Larry to help sell your home?

Choosing the right agent to help you find the right Buyer is incredibly important.  Obviously you need an agent with the experience and more importantly, exceptional skill sets needed to deliver exceptional results. However,  you also need an agent you click with.  During the process, effective and frequent communication is going to be key in getting the result you the home owner, have the right to expect.  Spend the time interviewing a few agents that have caught your eye, or that friends and family have referred. You'll know in the first few minutes if that agent is the person  you want to  spend the next few weeks in consistent contact with.  Really, choosing the right agent is almost like choosing the right home. No one is going to sell you on a home. When you walk in to the home that feels right, you will know it. So, is advising potential clients to shop for their agent a bad idea? I don't think so. If I'm interviewed by a client and they choose another agent, I would still appreciate that a Buyer or Seller took my best advice and enjoyed the best possible outcome for THEM. Everybody wins!

With that said, here are some reasons to call me in for an interview:

  • Almost 20 years as a  licensed Real Estate agent, plus 7 years as a mortgage loan agent. I've worked as a professional, commission only sales person, my entire adult life. 

  • Very specific skills in understanding the flow of the deal, anticipating reactions and meeting issues head on.

  • Communication is paramount. Quality communication starts with managing expectations (e.g: effective disclosure) and continues with  constant communication during the process. I NEVER want my clients to feel frustrated by having to ask themselves "I haven't heard from my agent, what's going on??". It isn't fair to the client, and it's just not smart. 

  • I create and manage a website for each listing, at no cost to my clients.  The website describes the property and price, after capturing name, e-mail and phone, so I can follow up with them.

  • Moving help, including labor and truck.  Contact me today and let's making moving as easy as possible!


  • And check out my reviews. You can see them here                                        and on Zillow and You'll see the same  thread in these reviews: A skillful negotiator that is an excellent communicator, focused on a high level of client service.  So give me a call, text or click on the "E-mail Larry" tab below and let's meet!

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